Tracy grew up right here in Smithtown and graduated from High School East. She went to Temple University and earned a degree in Physical Therapy. She spent 12 years as the owner and operator of an outpaient physical therapy clinic, working with clients to increase their knowledge of their bodies, and how to take control of it to decrease pain and increase function.


During this time she began to utilize Pilates as a component of her treatment plans. She soon realized the benefits of this addition to her clients outcome during treatment.

When she moved back to NY, she took the opportunity to broaden her knowledge base, and completed Power Pilates 650+ hour comprehesive Pilates Instructor Certification Program. 

In 2007, she opened Simply Pilates to follow her passion for teaching individuals about their bodies and empowering them with knowledge and strength to improve their quality of life and fitness level.

She works with a wide variety of clients, including those starting to exercise for the first time, as well as athletes. She also helps those with chronic medical conditions, low back and neck pain, as well as general tightness and weakness. Her experience and knowledge as a Physical Therapist allow her the ability to develop a safe and effective workout that can assist her clients in reaching their fitness or funcional goals.

"Pilates is ageless, I feel it is a gift that will benefit them in every aspect of their lives as long as they live."


"I am motivated by each and every client that allows me the opportunity of working with them."

When she is not at the studio you will find her with husband and daughter kayaking in the summer and skiing in the winter. She hopes one day to spend the winters out west skiing till the snow melts away.