Class Descriptions

Mat Class

Pilates exercises are performed on a mat with precision and focus to improve core strength and flexibility in addition to improved muscle strength. Props like weights, resistance bands, magic circles and theraballs are used to assist in deepening your connection to the work and provide an additional challenge.


This class is performed on the Reformer which has a spring loaded carriage that slides back and forth on a frame. It challenges the core utilizing a dynamic surface and spring tension to increase the intensity of the exercises. The Reformer provides support to assist in maintaining correct alignment. You will work your full body and connect with some tiny muscles you may not have known you even had.

Tower Class

The Tower is stationary piece of equipment.  It utilizes springs to assist, enhance or challenge an exercise by providing resistance to increase strength and muscle control. There is also the benefit of stretching that occurs when working in such a direct way with the springs. You will challenge your body in many different positions such as, lying, sitting, kneeling and standing. This class will keep you guessing and take your work to the next level. 

Mixed Equipment Class

This class is a fusion class that can utilize the Reformer, Tower, Chair, Jumpboard and TRX to create a challenging full body workout. It is a more advanced class that utilizes tempo and balance challenges to increase the intensity of this class. It is fun and fast paced workout that plays with all the equipment in the studio.

TRX - Mat/Tower

We now offer 2 new classes that combine the use of the TRX suspension training system along with either Mat or Tower. This class is approximately 30 mins of mat/tower followed by 20 mins of TRX exercises. We utilize the same cueing to ensure proper body mechanics and muscle activation to maximize the benifits of this full body workout. The additional strength training benifits of the TRX work is a great suppliment to your Pilates practice.

Body Sculpt

This fitness inspired class brings a cardio component to your workout. We utilize HIIT training (high intensity interval training) using weights, resistance bands, TRX, theraballs, step bench and body bars. This is a fun challenging workout that will get your heart rate jumping and those muscles burnning. You will need a towel and your water for this one.