Client Spotlight

Harriette N.

Harriette's Story

80+ Years Young

Harriette suffered with severe back pain requiring surgery to stabilized her spine and relieve nerve symptoms. She has maintained an active lifestyle after recovering from surgery and adding Pilates into her lifestyle.

Harriette has been coming to the studio for almost 10 years. She is committed to coming 3 x week. She reports feeling stronger, more flexible and having improved balance with her Pilates practice. She also finds it helpful to add in some privates to address specific needs that her body has to insure that she is performing the exercises correctly to get the maximum benifit.


"Without pilates I would be in a wheelchair"

"I know without doing this work, I would not be able to do the things I do"

"Pilates helps to keep my spine mobile and pain manageable."

"I am thankful Tracy is a Physical Therapist. I trust her to work with me and keep me safe as I exercise."